Geotechnical Foundation

Our practice of providing geotechnical foundation and steelwork civil & structural engineering design utilizes latest softwares and expert intellect to enable fast economical building designs. Carley Daines services include the installation of geotechnical foundation and steelwork for commercial, industrial highway development structures. Our design development techniques can profit you in building plans saving up to 40 percent of your investment on structural drafting and designing.

Geotechnical foundation and steelwork study is important to understand and figure out the structural loads of buildings, towers, bridges and other civil engineering works. Underlying soil and rocks bear the loads of the buildings thus making geotechnical foundation study an important factor to take care of secure, stable, and economical structural design.

We provide geotechnical foundation and steelwork design recommendations for proper assessment of soil stiffness and strength to hold structures like roads, bridges, buildings etc.

Issues analyzed by our geotechnical engineers include:

• Effects of geo materials-rocks and soil conditions on planned designing structure.
• Strength and resistance offered by underlying soil in holding the structures.
• Groundwater conditions before and after the building construction.
• Excavation and filling impacts on the designed structures.
• Structural response to earthquakes and other calamities.

Our long time construction industry experience will guide through all these aspects providing the most optimal geotechnical foundation and steelwork designs.