Specialist Foundation Design

Specialist foundation design refers to the planning, analysis, and design of foundations for complex or challenging projects that require specialized knowledge and techniques. These projects may involve unique geological conditions, heavy loads, difficult site constraints, or specific design requirements.

Specialist foundation design requires a deep understanding of soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering principles, and the application of specialized techniques and analysis methods. Geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, and foundation specialists collaborate closely to assess site conditions, conduct geotechnical investigations, perform advanced analysis, and develop customized foundation solutions that meet the project’s unique requirements.

Current government policy places emphasis on the re-development of brownfield sites. Due to difficult ground conditions, many buildings have to be constructed on specialist (non-traditional) foundations.

Carley Daines & Partners have vast experience in the design of abnormal foundations, particularly piled solutions, vibro-compacted solutions, and raft-type foundations where appropriate.

The choice of foundation depends on the underlying ground conditions and engineering judgment, paying particular concern to the loadings, the form of construction, and limiting any differential settlement.